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Captain Underpants Parents and Kids


Dav Pilkey visits a local school with the Pop-Up.

 As a parent, you may be thinking: underpants in school?!  Look into our hypno-ring and consider the many redeeming qualities of the series. Captain Underpants has the power to engage even the most reluctant and struggling readers.  The series reflects diversity in the natural manner that is most likely the experience of your kids.  And, if you explore the background of author Dav Pilkey (scroll down for "The Almost Completely True Adventures of Dav Pilkey," an illustrated bio), you will discover that he had to overcome learning disabilities in order to reveal his secret identity as a literary superhero.  Captain Underpants is a ground-breaking predecessor to many other bestselling books that your students love, such as Big Nate, Frannie K. Stein and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  Never have a few poop jokes gone so far to help so many. 

other books your child will love

videos from dav

Dav Pilkey talks (and draws) about how you can express your disapproval of a book, without infringing on the rights of others. 

Meet Dav's pet beetle, Megalon, and find out what inspired George and Harold's wordless cave-comic!

Dav Pilkey talks about how we can all live more lives than a cat--- by READING!

rabbit hole outreach projects 

Everything that The Rabbit hOle delivers embraces our belief in the power of imagination, story, and play.  Through the Captain Underpants Pop-Up, kids are invited to engage with with literature in a unique and memorable way to help create a lifelong love of reading. Our current outreach projects represent just a tiny fraction of the programming opportunities you'll find in the Rabbit hOle's forthcoming Explor-a-Storium.