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Reading is a civil right. Greater access leads to greater equality. The Rabbit Hole is a visionary nonprofit center for the children’s book chartered to create a new and extraordinary experience around books that will change lives and change the way we think about literacy. By creating greater access to literature and a culture of books that embraces both readers and non-readers alike, The Rabbit Hole will give rise to new and better readers, and help build a future committed to equality. Every child deserves the cognitive and developmental benefits that a deep connection to literature delivers-- enhanced language, critical thinking, empathy and imagination. Unfortunately, read-aloud rates among parents (a primary predictor of success in school and life) haven’t risen in a generation. Only around 50% of parents read aloud to their kids on a regular basis. Literacy levels also remain flat as more temporal media become an increasing distraction. It’s time to invite readers of all ages and all abilities to engage with the book and long-form narrative in playful, artistic new ways. It’s time to honor and celebrate the role of children’s literature in American culture and how it stimulates a powerful intergenerational bond. It’s time to model a culture of shared literacy and help young and old rediscover the magic of literature-- together. It’s time for The Rabbit Hole, the world’s first ExploraStorium!

:: Dr. Doolittle's famous "pushmi-pullyu" comes to life at The Rabbit Hole Workshop/concept space. This interactive display piece exemplifies the size and scale of exhibits that will be constructed at The Rabbit Hole's future home.