To inquire about an artist / fabricator position at RAB FAB Studio please fill out this form. You must submit a resume (below) and have a minimum of two years professional experience in design and/or fabrication work.

After reading, please select your area(s) of skill and experience...

Design / Drafting


Fluency in drafting and modeling programs such as AutoCAD, Rhino, 3ds Max, Sketchup, and Adobe Creative Cloud; experience with shop drawings for manufacturing and fabrication.


Models / Miniatures

Experience creating custom models and miniatures from scratch in conjunction with the following aptitudes: interpreting shop drawings, sculpting with clay, foam, wood, paper, metal and plastics; creating molds and castings; expertise in detail painting.




General expertise in woodworking and construction, and the use of all equipment and tools associated with the cutting, shaping and smoothing of lumber and other materials; experience reading and interpreting shop drawings; a strong commitment to accuracy and detail.




Expertise creating sculptures using a variety of materials, including clay, foam, wood and metal; experience reading and interpreting shop drawings; fluency in the use carving tools, including chainsaws, sawzalls, angle grinders, and hot wire cutters; experience creating molds and castings using a variety of materials; hard coating experience using resin and epoxy products.


Metal Fabrication


Proficiency using MIG and TIG welding systems, cold saws, band saws, and form sheet metal equipment and tools; machining experience; familiarity with CNC and CAM software; experience reading, creating, and interpreting shop drawings. Electro mechanical, hydraulic/pneumatic system design and control experience is a plus.




Experience and expertise in reproducing illustrations in any style on both flat and dimensional objects using grids, projectors, and freehand methods; experience reading and interpreting painter's elevations and shop drawings; proficiency in the use of a variety of scenic painting materials, spray and brush techniques, and finishing methods.


General Fabrication 

Experience creating objects using basic carpentry, metal work, and surfacing techniques; proficiency with measuring devices and a broad range of tools and machinery; forklift and overhead crane operation experience; willingness and ability to learn new skills and cross-train across all departments.

Choose one of more areas of experience and skill

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