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 Are you
open yet? 

Not yet! 


We plan to open in about a year. Currently we are busy fundraising, renovating, and designing exhibits.  Sometimes we also eat and sleep. Don't worry, it will be worth the wait. 


What is an

Explore a story...um, get it? 


A new museum experience where children’s books come to life and visitors become explorers in radically immersive multi-sensory narrative environments.



 Through future programs, outreach tools, and national residencies, The Rabbit hOle aims to engage readers, teachers, authors, and book lovers all over the world. 

Also, you'll probably just
need to come visit. 

I don't live in Kansas City, does this thing
matter to me?
Can I work or volunteer for
The Rabbit hOle? 




 If you're interested in volunteering,  fill out this form. Any upcoming employment opportunities will be posted here on our website and via Nonprofit Connect.  

I am eccentric
millionaire looking to make a donation,
anything I should know? 


All donations over $2 million dollars include a unique naming opportunity - name the first born child of a Rabbit hOle staff member.  

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