"For a picture book creator like me, The Rabbit Hole is a wild dream come true.  It will be even more spectacular for children and grown-ups who love picture books.  Please support this amazing enterprise!"

Hello friends, we hope this finds you well. Our year-end mailing has always been a head-scratcher, trying to condense a year of our lives and our work in a few hundred words. Then along came 2020. Exploding head emoji. Drink emoji. Cookie Monster GIF. Sad horse emoji. Thumbs up. Raised fist. Christopher Walken. Mushroom cap. Praying hands. Worried face. Dumpster fire. Double rainbow. Chair. Wrench. Donut. Hokusai. Crying cat. Sleeping unicorn. Hourglass. Bomb. An impossible year.

While we may be at a loss for words, there’s no shortage of grateful. So many of you stepped up this year to embrace the vision and drive us forward. You helped us defy the odds. Our team keeps growing, exhibits are blooming, because of you. This year, Jon Agee created an artwork for The Rabbit hOle that captures the strangeness of asking for money, and the patience it requires, on both sides. If we’ve learned anything this year, it’s patience. Nothing this big, this original, and this beautiful happens overnight, unless there are elves involved. 

We know there are a million things that need your money, love, and attention right now. We hope that you can include us in your giving this season. But if not, we ask that you keep us in mind this spring when we launch our final fundraising push to finish construction and open The Rabbit hOle later in 2021. Then we can try to make sense of all this, together. Champagne emoji. Thanks for helping us through an impossible year.


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