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With kids across the country out of school and stuck at home for a while, The Rabbit hOle has developed a challenge for all of our young, book-loving friends out there.


Building the world's first Explor-a-Storium is a ton of work, and since you might have some extra time on your hands, we thought maybe you could help us out by dreaming up an exhibit based on your favorite book!

Check out some of our models. (click to enlarge)
The Rabbit hOle design process is pretty simple. We think you can do it too!
  • read & research

  • sketch & make notes

  • build the model  

What does it mean to dream up an exhibit? 


It’s something that we do everyday here at The Rabbit hOle. We think about one of our favorite books and we ask ourselves, “What if we could walk into this book?" Then we ask ourselves, “How should we build this world, and what materials should we use?” Then we make a plan.


Once we have a plan, then we get to work. We start by drawing pictures and making notes, and then we build a 3-dimensional model. A “model” in this case is a small, tabletop version of the exhibit we intend to build. We make models out of things like paper and tape, cardboard and glue, foam core, clay, and wood.


This is what dreaming up an exhibit means. And this is what we’d like you to do for “The hOle Lotta Time Exhibit Design Challenge!” If you’d like to lend us a hand, read the instructions below!

hole lotta time logo new.png
Are you ready to get started? Here's how! 
How to...

NOTE TO ADULTS: This opportunity is for young people, so let’s respect the spirit of this challenge. We know that they will need help from you, and we encourage you to work with them and support them in the process of creating their models.
However, submissions should reflect their own work and ideas. Miss Nelson is watching!

This challenge is for ages 5-12. 


Teams of up to three are permitted.


Submissions must be based on a picture book.


Photo documentation required for consideration.


Submission deadline:

May 22, 2020.

Submissions will be reviewed by Rabbit hOle design staff and other book lovers from across the country. Submissions will be judged for their thoughtfulness, creativity, and faithfulness to the spirit of the book.

Prizes to be announced.

The ultimate prize may be that your design is realized in The Rabbit hOle’s Explor-a-Storium.

You can use anything to build your model: cardboard, paper, paint, clay, sticks, rocks, balloons, beads, fabric scraps, toilet paper tubes. 


Remember: include things you can’t see in the model in your description, like sounds and interactions.



What part of your book do you want to focus on?

Or do you want to model a journey through the whole story?


What characters do you want to include?

How will you use the colors and the style of the book?


How will your exhibit use the senses? Are there things to touch, smell, or hear?


How will people physically experience your exhibit? Will they climb, walk, swing, or jump?


What will make your exhibit fun for everyone?

Model of My Garden & Kitten's First Full  Moon, by Kevin Henkes






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