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A big thanks to everyone who has supported our campaign so far! 

Your investment in our vision has had an immediate impact, allowing us to add three more artist/fabricator positions to our payroll since September, with another hire in the offing. And more to come as we turn the corner into the new year. 





The pandemic has caused incalculable suffering for many, and we are nothing if not humbled by the opportunity to continue our work. We do so knowing that we will deliver something wildly satisfying when the shadow of COVID-19 finally lifts. And it will.

The challenges of 2020 have not diminished our efforts to build a wholly unique and immersive museum experience dedicated to children’s literature. Right now we are focusing our fundraising efforts on operations in order to accelerate exhibit production already underway. 


By supporting the Good Things Come Campaign, you are supporting new career opportunities for local artists, a community heavily impacted by COVID-19. A successful campaign will help secure 10-12 additional creative positions at The Rabbit hOle by the end of this year. We’re not asking you to help us limp along, we’re asking you to keep us on track to open the world's first Explor-a-Storium in 2021!



  Good things (like t-shirts)
come to those who 

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Good things come to those who PLEDGE... 


And you know what they say, a little pledge goes a long way. $100 is a big ask right now.


Consider making a $100 gift over the next 4 or 10 months.


$100 pledge gifts are are still eligible for the t-shirt! 


Fox Rabbit made his own Giving Fuel personal fundraising page. He's trying to raise $1000 from his friends and family for The Rabbit hOle's Good Things Come Campaign. You can raise for The Rabbit hOle too and be eligible to win a prize for reaching one of our three fundraising benchmarks (see below)! 




Come to 

those who 


Build your personal fundraising page right now, it only takes 5 minutes. 


Here are some prizes if you meet your goal. Author/illustrator studio tours will be announced weekly so stay tuned!

Signed Print

A framed two color limited-edition art print of the Good Things Come to Those Who Read illustration.

Virtu-hOle Tour
+ signed print

Join Pete and Deb for a virtual cocktail and an exclusive behind the scenes tour of the building and some exhibits.

Studio Tour
+ signed print

Join a world-famous author/illustrator for a virtual tour of their studio! Invite friends or gift to a classroom of your choice.

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Questions about The Good Things Come Campaign?