The Rabbit hOle is working directly with authors, estates, and publishers to realize its vision. Virtually every major publisher in the industry has endorsed the project. Award-winning authors and illustrators from around the world will visit The Rabbit hOle as collaborators, presenters, and mentors. The Rabbit hOle will strive to become a spiritual home for the publishing industry and a relentless advocate for children’s literature, connecting contemporary and historical practice.

“We need the Rabbit hOle now more than ever! We all must band together to celebrate the creation of art and love and beauty and we must support places where hope can be maintained and disseminated. The Rabbit Hole is just such a place.”


-Brian Selznick




not open to the public...yet!

919 East 14th Ave.

North Kansas City

Missouri | 64116


816 - 492 -7915