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No, David! by David Shannon
Scholastic, 1998

"Stop that this instant!"

Even when we make a mess, cause a ruckus, and pick our nose, all any of us want is to know we’re still loved. In No, David! a rambunctious and, at times deliberately naughty, little boy named David is constantly reprimanded for his bad behavior. But at the end of a day full of “No!” his mother still gives him a big hug and says, “Yes, David… I love you!”

David Shannon began his career creating illustrations for magazines, newspapers and book covers. He’d published ten children’s books, all of which showcased his skills as a painter, before the stylistic departure of the No, David!

As a child, Shannon made an eight page book of drawings of him doing things he wasn’t supposed to do. His mother saved the book, and seeing it years later inspired him to create No, David! “Whenever I got stuck working on it, I referred back to the original,” Shannon said. “So the drawing style, the type, some of the things David does, and even the pointy teeth are taken from it.”


The Rabbit hOle’s No, David! exhibit is the second bathtub bench we built. Visitors will sit with David as he splashes in the overflowing tub, hear the running water by turning the tub knob, and play with some of his bath toys.

David’s bathtub is a more modern, tub/shower enclosed by three walls, so on the opposite sides visitors will see additional illustrations from the book, including a larger-than-life version of David picking his nose!


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