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In 2018, with help from Marny and John Sherman, The Rabbit hOle purchased a 165,000 square foot building in North Kansas City. In addition to its central location and overall accessibility to the four corners of the Kansas City Metro, the property is a perfect fit for the project’s ambitious vision and anticipated growth patterns.


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In 2019, we completed construction of an $800,000 fabrication facility connected to the museum, where we will be creating all of the exhibits for the Explor-a-Storium in-house.


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In early 2020, we completed the first two phases of building renovations for the museum, including demolition and abatement activities, new HVAC systems, a new electrical service, plumbing rough-in, new windows and glazing, structural steel, concrete work, and slab cutting. 

In 2021, we’ve begun an expansion of our exhibit production facility to accommodate our growing creative team. Currently, more than a dozen exhibits are in production with nearly a dozen more in the finals stages of design development. 


The industrial area of North Kansas City is rapidly becoming a natural extension of downtown Kansas City and a cutting-edge destination for new development. As a national destination and the first major cultural institution in North Kansas City, The Rabbit hOle itself will not only benefit from, but help to advance, current growth in the area and help to reconnect communities north and south of the river.

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