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Blueberries for  by Robert McCloskey


This permanent exhibit inside the Explor-a-Storium will feature a life-size version of the kitchen in the book with drawers and cabinets revealing 1950's kitchen implements and other surprises from the story. The exhibit will also house an interactive diorama of where visitors have the opportunity to move Sal, Mother, Baby Bear and Mother Bear all over Blueberry Hill. 

center image- blueberries for sal_edited
canning girl - blueberries for Sal .png

After Tory's field trip to the Rabbit hOle, she and her grandmother canned their own blueberry jam. 

canning girl - blueberries for Sal_edite
top left color -  blueberries for

Henry created a "Blueberry Print" 
masterpiece for his mother in the 
Tons of Fun Room

top left color -  blueberries for Sal_ed
green -  blueberries for Sal_edited.jpg

Laura and Lucia

built their own

"Blueberry Hill"

diorama at home.

green -  blueberries for Sal_edited.jpg
puppet show - blueberries for sal.png

Sammy and dad watched Sal and
Little Bear tromp all over
blueberry hill at the hand
puppet theater.  

puppet show - blueberries for sal_edited
kitchen play - blueberries for Sal.png
kitchen play - blueberries for Sal_edite

Lucy loved playing with the kitchen 
measuring tools inside of the exhibit.
She got someout when she got home. 

hover on b&w images to reveal internal programming concepts  and at home activities inspired by the exhibit. 

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