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To create a living culture around literature, accessible to all, that will nourish, empower, and inspire the reading lives of children and adults.

A new museum experience...that celebrates and brings to life a century of American children's literature for visitors of all ages. The Rabbit hOle is the first museum of its kind in the United States. Spanning three floors, the Rabbit hOle brings countless works of children’s literature to life. Visitors become explorers in an immersive, multi-sensory, narrative landscape filled with discoverable environments. Within this radical literary wonderland, you can catch a ride with Nana and CJ on the bus to the Last Stop on Market Street; whisper “Goodnight Moon” in the quiet dark of the great green room; outshine Mr. Sun with Sam and the Tigers; feed jum-jills to The Funny Thing, or find yourself scaling the cliffs of My Father’s Dragon.

The Rabbit hOle also features a Print Shop and Story Lab, The Lucky Rabbit Bookstore, a Makerspace, a Resource Library, and a Discovery Gallery for original book art. These critical program drivers deliver innovative programming for children and adults, including book-making workshops, writing labs, professional opportunities for educators, exhibit-related performances, national and local author events, residencies, and a multitude of hands-on, literature-based art making activities.

Museums have always played a vital role in the transmission of stories that help us gain a better understanding of who we are, where we come from, and what lies ahead. The best museums do this in ways that encompass a diversity of voices and perspectives. We want all young people to see themselves inside the museum. We want them to discover their own stories and find their own voices. We want to support them with the tools and the confidence to reimagine themselves in the world in a future of their own making. By inviting young people to actively explore and participate in stories, engage in new ideas, and learn about themselves and others, The Rabbit hOle builds on the power of books to facilitate empathy and critical thinking. 

Program Areas
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