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The Rabbit hOle takes a collaborative approach to all of our daily operations. With that in mind, here are some of the essential qualities we value in our employees:

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  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team,
    and to move between the two gracefully

  • Careful attention to detail

  • Ability to problem-solve

  • Flexibility

  • Respect for others

  • A sense of humor

Our current openings are listed below:


The Rabbit hOle is looking for a graphic and web designer to join our team in 2023 as we prepare to open the museum later this year. This position will include the development and implementation of creative print, web, environmental, and email marketing campaigns, along with strategic planning around content and brand identity across all media.


The qualified candidate will work with museum directors and designated staff to advance exhibit designs via digital modeling, physical modeling, prototyping, and sketching. The Digital Design & Exhibit Fabrication Coordinator also coordinates cross-disciplinary teams including architects, engineers, designers, fabricators, and museum directors to build planned immersive exhibits.


The Rabbit hOle is seeking the right person with a versatile fundraising skill set to join a growing team of artists and administrative staff as Development Coordinator and Grants Manager. This experienced, mission-driven fundraising professional will work with the Executive Directors to coordinate and implement strategies and tasks in all areas of fundraising. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a highly motivated individual who is comfortable with the challenges of start-up culture to help build a national institution and establish themselves in the vanguard of the new museum space. This position is full-time, eligible for benefits, with growth opportunities.


The Rabbit hOle’s fabricators work from design drawings and in communication with the design team to expertly create sculptural exhibit pieces, exhibit environments, and/or detail elements. Fabricators may need to problem-solve specific design elements as necessary while remaining true to the original design and spirit of the material. Most of all, our fabricators bring books to life! 

General Requirements:

  • At least two years professional experience in fabrication work

  • Ability to adapt to changes in design or approach

  • Knowledge of fabrication shop organization and safety measures

  • Ability to work on several projects at once or focus on a single task at length


Professional experience with Rhino, Revit, Sketch-up and VCarve; fluency in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator programs; CNC experience; experience in museum exhibit design is welcome; general fabrication and construction skills preferred.


Professional fabrication and construction experience; advanced carpentry, metalworking and woodworking skills; welding and CNC experience a plus; ability to read and execute from construction drawings is a must.


Professional experience with a wide range of industrial upholstering techniques; deep familiarity with industrial fabric, finishing materials, industry tools and equipment; armature building skills are a big plus!


Professional experience fabricating and assembling metal products, including steel and aluminum; welding expertise in MIG and TIG processes; experience with metal in sculptural applications; experience in the following areas is a plus: milling, lathe work, sheet metal, bending, electro-mechanical applications; CAD CAM software.


Professional experience fabricating and sculpting with foam; knowledge of hard-coating materials and their application; experience with fiberglass techniques as well as molds and casting; high fidelity in painting and replicating specific source material; woodworking and metalworking skills.

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