Imagine a place where books live
in a building overflowing with story...


Hello friends - First of all, we hope you are well. 


...In times like these, the power of a book can be revelatory - as something to share, as a way to escape, as a catalyst for empathy and learning, and as a source of comfort and reassurance for a child in times of confusion, which is most of the time for a kid. It can transform a season of fear and isolation into an opportunity for exploration and discovery. It’s a power that lives at the heart of the Rabbit hOle’s mission to inspire and uphold the reading lives of young people...

all the best to you and yours,  Pete + Deb


home of the world’s first Explor-a-Storium!

The Rabbit hOle will provide a new museum experience with unprecedented opportunities for learning and discovery. Come see what lies ahead for our visitors.

a HOME for the HOLE

After three nomadic years, The Rabbit hOle purchased a 165,000 sq ft warehouse at 919 E. 14th Avenue in NKC, just north of downtown Kansas City. 


save the day

Join us in our mission to create a living culture around literature that will nourish, empower, and inspire the reading lives of children and adults for generations to come. 


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not open to the public...yet!

919 East 14th Ave.

North Kansas City

Missouri | 64116


816 - 492 -7915