Imagine a place where books live
in a building overflowing with story...


Hello friends - First of all, we hope you are well. 


...In times like these, the power of a book can be revelatory - as something to share, as a way to escape, as a catalyst for empathy and learning, and as a source of comfort and reassurance for a child in times of confusion, which is most of the time for a kid. It can transform a season of fear and isolation into an opportunity for exploration and discovery. It’s a power that lives at the heart of the Rabbit hOle’s mission to inspire and uphold the reading lives of young people...

all the best to you and yours,  Pete + Deb

Wow, we are blown away by the innovation, creativity, and enthusiasm shown by our Exhibit Design Challenge participants! It's time to announce out winners!...


home of the world’s first Explor-a-Storium!

The Rabbit hOle will provide a new museum experience with unprecedented opportunities for learning and discovery. Come see what lies ahead for our visitors.

a HOME for the HOLE

After three nomadic years, The Rabbit hOle purchased a 165,000 sq ft warehouse at 919 E. 14th Avenue in NKC, just north of downtown Kansas City. 


save the day

Join us in our mission to create a living culture around literature that will nourish, empower, and inspire the reading lives of children and adults for generations to come. 


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919 East 14th Ave.

North Kansas City

Missouri | 64116


816 - 492 -7915